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Land & Site Clearing at Industrial Building

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January 31, 2020
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February 4, 2020

Location and visibility are keys factors when deciding on an industrial site. Therefore, it is important the surroundings of any building be maintained and allow for the visibility of signs. This industrial site in West Deptford NJ, 08086, had been left neglected for several years. The new owners reached out to Frank’s Landscaping in search of assistance.  We devised a plan for the land and site clearing at this building. Our goal was to completely transform the landscape of this property.

A Closer Look

Land & Site Clearing at Industrial Site

Equipment for Land & Site Clearing









As a result of the lack of routine maintenance, several acres of land had become over grown and obstructed the view from 295. This industrial site and its signage was completely blocked by trees, shrubs, and general overgrowth. We used heavy equipment, chippers, and manpower in order to tackle this project. Over the course of several days our crews took down all the trees, shredded all debris on site, and removed all remnants of the overgrowth. This resulted in several acres of land being reclaimed for the site as well as increased visibility from the highway. Our crews finished the project ahead of schedule and our clients were thrilled with the results.

Final Site & Land Clearing at Industrial Site

Land & Site Clearing at Industrial Site for Increased Visibility









Furthermore, Frank’s Landscaping was retained to perform several other projects for this industrial site. Our clients requested us to remove more trees on site and attend to their mulched bed areas. In the course of a week this site was transformed to a well maintained property. Our crews at Frank’s Landscaping are highly trained and properly equipped to handle all your industrial site needs. This includes all landscaping and snow removal needs. In addition to our highly skilled staff, our management team continues to build strong relationships with industrial site asset managers. Please click below to view all of our industrial site maintenance services.

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