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Townhome Property Maintenance

Commercial Retailer Snow Removal
Retail Snow Removal
January 29, 2020
Land & Site Clearing at Industrial Site
Land & Site Clearing at Industrial Building
February 2, 2020

Townhome Community Landscaping & Snow Removal


At Frank’s Landscaping, we understand the expectations of our clients and their desire to keep their community looking pristine. This property is located in Woolwich, NJ 08085. It is a townhome community with multiple buildings, common areas, and garden areas throughout the property. Some of the challenges of this site include the driveway areas and being able to maneuver between parked cars during service hours. Therefore, we equip our service crews with a variety of mower sizes to be able to accommodate this site.

Frank’s Landscaping services this townhome community for landscape maintenance and snow removal. As a result, our company provides a variety of services including fertilization services, pruning, mulch installation, and weekly lawn service to this site. As construction at this site continues, we work closely with the property management company and HOA board to continue providing quality service. Our staff takes pride in its work, and we strive to raise the bar for service companies in our industry. If you manage a townhome development or apartment complex, feel free to reach out and see how the team at Frank’s Landscaping can improve your property’s appearance!


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